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About Us

About Pentagreen Capital

Pentagreen Capital is a debt financing platform dedicated to accelerating the development of sustainable infrastructure in Asia, with an initial focus on Southeast Asia. Our objective is to catalyse financing for “marginally bankable” clean infrastructure projects to help advance climate change mitigation and adaptation efforts and, more broadly, achieve the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Headquartered in Singapore, and with initial capital of US$150 million provided by shareholders HSBC and Temasek, we aim to deploy blended finance at scale in over US$1 billion of loans within 5 years to unlock and crowd in commercial capital for marginally bankable projects.

Our primary sector focus is renewable energy and energy storage, clean transport, and the water and waste management sectors. Transactions in other areas such as climate adaptation, agriculture and land use, and technology-led solutions are likely to be considered in the future.

We apply internationally recognised ESG best practices, including the FAST-Infra Sustainable Infrastructure Label where practical, and in a manner consistent with the safeguard requirements pursued by international financial institutions. Pentagreen has developed an ESG Framework to identify, assess, and manage potential ESG risks in our financings; a summary of the Framework can be found here.

Vision and Goals

vision and goal 1

We aim to be a differentiated provider of capital for sustainable infrastructure in Asia

In Asia, we see a significant funding gap for sustainable infrastructure required to address challenges and opportunities presented by climate change. Our aim is to help bridge this gap and reduce the barriers to bankability for infrastructure projects.

This vision guides our day-to-day decision making, as we work towards achieving our goals.

We catalyse financing for marginally bankable and innovative sustainable infrastructure

Through active collaboration, we can contribute to the global transition to net zero and generate impact at scale.

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Our Partners

We were jointly established by HSBC and Temasek, with support from the Asian Development Bank and Clifford Capital Holdings, who are our strategic partners.

Together, they bring complementary strengths, networks and experience unified by a strong commitment to sustainability.